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We have decided to concentrate and focus on quality over quantity in our herd and develop an elite sow herd. It is our goal to have the best females of each breed and use the best boars in the country for each sow. This is an important distinction. We aren't just putting semen from big name boars in our sows and hoping for good results. Instead we are specifically mating each female with the boar that best matches her strengths and weaknesses to maximize the litter's potential. It doesn't matter how good of a boar you use if you dont have elite females. That is our goal, to have an elite sow herd and raise the best, consistent showpigs.




We don't just have Hampshire females that we breed to Hampshire boars just to market pigs. No, we actually have a plan and direction for our Hampshire program. We are trying to make better Hampshire breeding hogs and truly improve the breed. I love the status of our Hampshires right now. We have blended old, productive, and proven genetics with todays best, expressively muscled, showpig boars. Our sows will lay down and have pigs unassisted; will milk their pigs, and will breed back. We have focussed on feet and leg correctness, balance, and productivity. Our sow herd is a combination of Earnhart and Newlin genetics. We love the Blackhawk boar, and are building heavily around him to utilize his soundness, body, growth, look, and muscle.




Over the years we have enjoyed tremendous success with our Chester herd. But as times change and competition grows stiffer, we always try to improve our herd to stay near the top of the breed. We don't have the most Chester sows in the country, but we do feel we have a sow herd that can make as good of showpigs and banner winning barrows as anyone else in the country. Our herd is based upon the mother of the IN and OH St Fair Champion boar Two Time, and Derail's littermate sister that is the dam of Man Up and Maneater. These two sow lines have been true generators. This year though, we have added genetics from: Top Cut (littermate to Ch Chester gilt 2011 Team Purebred, Ch Chester WPX Junior Show, and RSV Ch Chester WPX Open Show), Rodibaughs (littermate to $5500 Ch and High Selling STC Chester boar, "Benchmark" at Shaffers), Hirschfields ($1400 second high selling Chester gilt, and biggest topped animal from entire 2011 CPS STC), Rakes (second High Selling bred gilt from their gilt sale), and Schminke. Our Chester future is very bright indeed.




Our foundation sow was purchased from Johnny Bellettini years ago. She has since raised the 2011 San Antonio Champion Spot Gilt, Champion Middleweight Spot barrow OYE, and $1200 STC boar (that has sired the NBS Champion Spot Boar for Huffendick). She is awesome. We then bought a grand daughter of her from Mike Huffendick. This gilt is a full sib to his 2010 NBS Champion Spot boar. We have the utmost confidence in the quality of these females.




The Making History sow we have raised the 2010 OH St Fair Ch Berk barrow and 5th Overall barrow(first time ever a Berk was in top 5), and the 2011 OH St Fair Rsv Ch Berk barrow. This sow hits a homerun each and every time. We have her daughter also, who is a littermate to the 2011 Rsv Berk barrow, sired by Double Stuff. Recently, we purchased Mauck's $6300 high selling Berk bred gilt. She is a littermate to Lopp's 4th Overall Berk barrow from the 2011 Team Purebred barrow show, and is a daughter of the $3500 Pilcher sow from a few years ago. These Berkshire females are bred to raise banner winning barrows for sure.




A few years ago we bought Cedar Ridge's $1500 high selling Landrace gilt from their bred gilt sale. We bred that sow to Zeus her next litter, and she raised the 2010 OH St Fair Junior Show Ch Landrace gilt. We kept a full sib to her as the foundation of our Landrace herd. This year we bought the high selling Landrace gilt from the IN St Fair. She is a barrow making machine will unbelievable muscle, look, and power.




At the 2011 IN St Fair, I was blown away from Chase Patrick's Champion gilt. She was also named Rsv Ch at the junior show the week before. Furthermore, she was Champion Duroc gilt at their ultra competitive county fair. It took $5500 to own this high selling Duroc gilt, but she is worth every penny. She is so good on her feet and legs, square in her hip, balanced in her look, with excellent muscle shape from end to end. This gilt will be heard from again.




We have built our crossbred herd from some of the best breeders in the country. Last year we bought a Moyer bred gilt, who in her first litter she raised On the Edge at LVS. She is a fabulous sow. We bought an RW Genetics gilt that is a Hometown Hero x Bio Hazzard's littermate sister. At this year's Extravaganza, we bought a littermate to Mark Gray's Rsv Ch dark cross gilt, for $1100, sired by Head and Shoulders. She went on to be named Rsv Ch at Miami County Fair. Our herd is built to make sound, consistent, heavy muscled pigs that look good at sale time but will continue to improve and grow three dimensionally. You don't have to have 60 -260 sows to raise champion showpigs. We try to offer the best, fault free showpigs possible by using a breeder's mentality of mating strengths to weaknesses, and trying to improve the breed, and move forward with each mating.


Thanks to the buyers!

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