Thank you for taking time to view our website and for taking an interest in our sale and our showpigs. We are a family with deep ties to Virginia and the hog business. We have raised hogs for over 40 years in the state of Virginia, and even though we now live in Ohio, we still care deeply about the hog business in Virginia, so we try to bring the best hogs available to Virginia.
There are many options out there, and although they all may look good, believe me, not all are equal. Many of the sales out there try to attract you with big name breeders from the Midwest. Sounds good, but consider this, why would these guys that average $800 or more for their pigs they sell off the farm, send their best to VA to sell for much less than that? The answer is you aren’t getting their best, that’s why. You are choosing from their leftovers or from pigs that didn’t sell in previous sales.

The other problem with these sales aside from the average quality, is the health concern. These sales gather pigs from multiple sources to sell to you. The problem you run into, is that each farm has different health protocols, vaccination schedules, and their own “bugs”. When you mix these hogs and their different “bugs” you are more likely to have pigs cross contaminate each other and become very sick. Once these pigs are sick, then what? Who do you call? The sale broker that sponsored the sale and took your money can’t help you because they aren’t his pigs, he just bought them from other people. The breeder can’t help you, because he wasn’t there when you bought them, he is unfamiliar with how they were cared for from the time they left his farm to sale time, plus he has no need to stand behind his pig because more than likely he won’t ever sell to you again.

What sets us apart you ask? Well for starters, we are a family business. Meaning that we are just like your family, and we want the best for your kids and for you to be successful. Secondly, we are offering you the best, top of the line, cream of the crop pigs we have to offer. We do not have any other sales we sponsor, nor do we consign to a lot of sales, so you have access to our best. We use the best boars in the country and we strive to make our pigs the best in the country. Since all of our pigs originate from one farm, and our sale has only us as the consigners, these pigs stay healthy and are mixed with other pigs. We have 2 veterinarian offices that review the herd health. We spend over $4000 per year on vaccines to make sure our pigs our covered from nose to tail against any and all diseases. We also can tell you about each pigs sire and dam; why the boar was selected, what the sows has raised in her previous litters, and what you can expect with these pigs. Lastly, we are there at the sale to meet you personally, to shake your hand, and to get to know your family and to learn what you trying to achieve with your showpigs. If for any reason you should have any problems, you can call us and we will work with you. So, you see we are there to help you, to answer you questions, to develop a long term working relationship, and most importantly we stand behind our animals.

When you go to invest in your showpigs, it is important to know WHO you are buying from. Before you buy, make sure you ask the person what the pigs have been vaccinated for, how many different farms did these pigs come from, what has the sow produced in her previous litters, the stress status, what vet looked after these pigs and are they available to answer your questions, if they will be there to stand behind the pig should any problem occur, or will they help you answer any questions you have? My guess in most cases is they won’t be able to answer any of these questions. Rest assured when you buy from us we can not only answer these questions, we gladly will. That is the difference that Brown Family showpigs offers.

The Brown Family


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